Q: Is this program legitimate?

A: Yes, this program is 100% legitimate due to the following reasons: -

  That customer is coming on your SSL secured website and place the order using his/her credit card and your merchant bank is capturing the customer unique IP address.

  Your Merchant Bank ask for OTP (One Time Password) from the customer which customer get on his Cell Phone or email ID from credit card issuing bank.

  Customer also signs a service agreement with us thru www.docusign.com where also docusign captures customer Unique IP address

All the above three points clearly suggest that we are not scam or charging any stolen credit cards.

Q: How much I would earn on the monthly basis?

A: Minimum $1750 and Maximum $3500 Per Month.

Q:How much hours I need to spend on daily basis?

A:  Maximum 1 hour on the daily basis any time after late evenings.

Q:  Are these working hours being inflexible?

A: Yes

Q: What would be the tasks exactly I need to accomplish on the daily basis?

A: You need to accomplish the following tasks: -

  Every Evening you need to tally sales with our sales staff.

  Every Evening you need to refund (If Any) to customers who are not satisfied with our services.

  You need to coordinate with the Merchant Bank in case if any customer place the charge backs.

  You need to check each service agreements for any discrepancies.

Q: What are the formalities to qualify for this program?

A: You must qualify for Paypal Payments Pro Account :-


In order to qualify for above program you must have the following :-

  DBA ( Doing Business As)

Business Bank Account in the same DBA Name

Q: Do you I have to pay any money upfront?

A: Not even a single Penny to us but of course you need to pay the DBA fees and Paypal Set up fees which would be reimbursed in first payout

Q: Do I have any risks?

A: No Risk as all money will first come in your bank account and then you need transfer money from your bank account to our customer Bank account in India.

Q: Why you need me? As you are doing everything from Marketing to Sales and Even giving the Technical support then why you are sharing 6% of the total sales with me?

A: We need you as Paypal , Authorize.net , Worldpay or Google Checkout does not give multiple accounts to single owner or Company.

Q: How long it will take that I will start making the money?

A: You will start making money from the very first day of getting the Paypal Payments Pro Account

Q: How long this program will work?

A: We will sign a Service Agreement with you for at least 11 months and then keep renewing for 11 Months .

Q: Do I get a website?

A: Yes, you will get website free of cost.

Q: What kind of services you are giving?

A: Logo Designing, Website Development and Tech Support.

Q: What is your target market?

A: 90% USA, 10% UK, Australia

Q: Are you taking credit card information from the customer?

A: Not at all

Q: Is your website secured?

A: Yes

Q: How customers come on the website? Who will do the marketing?

A: Customer comes from different search engines. Also We run different paid advertisement on Google and Calling Campaigns.

Q: What is average cost of your services? How much sales will you do on the monthly basis?

A: Average ticket size is $250 and Maximum sales value is $899.

Q: Will I be getting contact information of the customer who place orders on the web site?

A: Yes, we can provide you email Address and Phone Number of all customers. In any case, you would be getting signed service agreement from all the customers.

Q: What are the ratio of charge backs?

A: Less than 2%

Q: What are the ratio of refunds?

A: Less than 8%

Q: How many transfer I need to do on the weekly basis?

A: On every Thursday, you need to transfer money from your bank account to My customer bank account in India for the Previous week.