• Apply for Paypal Payments Pro Account
  • Get FREE web Design and support website
  • We will bring you Sales from the very first day
  • Weekly Payouts
  • Start your own business without investing a single Penny
  • Earn US$ 21,000 to US$ 42,000 Per Annum
  • Work from Home. Monday to Friday. Any 1 hour of the day

No Hidden Setup Costs

The design and delivery of your personal Web Design website is a free service that we provide to enable you to work with us.

Our current customers are reporting earnings of $1750-$3500 per month by spending just 1 hours each day working as one of our clients’ distributors.

Check our references! Our record speaks for itself.

Why we need you ?

Our client is providing Designing Services to end users in USA. Sales figures are now exceeding the monthly limits for our merchant accounts, So our client in India are looking for partners like you to process online sales thru Paypal Payments Pro Account. You will receive an 6% commission on processing our client sales on your Paypal Payments Pro Account.

Get Started

Set Up Your Paypal Payments Pro Account :

Set up a Paypal Payments Pro Account from the link below. This does not require fee. We’ll also pay monthly fees, transaction costs, and any chargeback fees that are assessed


When your Paypal Payments Pro Account is set up, we’ll integrate it with the website for you.

Start Selling

we’ll process all online orders on your Paypal Payments Pro Account, amounting to about US$21,000 to US$42,000 each month. You’ll get to keep 6% of the total sales for yourself, and the rest will be transferred to our client in India.

Where do the customers come from?

100% of customers come to the website via a Google Pay Per Clicks or other classified sites

What do I stand to earn?

If you become a partner, you will earn 6% of your total sales figures.

What about your security?

  • There are no up-front payments or advance fees.
  • We will never ask for your passwords or any other confidential information relating to your account.
  • All online customers will sign the service agreement thru www.docusign.com where docusign capture the IP address of the customer and also Paypal capture the IP address of the online customer. Due to these securities customer, cannot press charge back in future.
  • All signed service agreements would be uploaded in Google drive within 24 hours of receiving the orders

Financial facts and Figures

Sales are currently between $21,000 to $42,000 per month. These funds would be deposited into your Paypal Payments Pro Account. You would be responsible for transferring 92% to our clients in India.

  • Your net earnings would be 6% of the presumed $21,000 to $42,000 or around $1750 to $3500 per month.
  • The financial risk is therefore not with you, but with the client, as it is you who is responsible for paying them.
  • For your protection and theirs, we ensure that you never hold more than $5000 in your account at any one time, and that you transfer funds on at least once on the weekly basis.

We expect that you would want to keep working with us for the long term. If that is the case, you could expect to earn at least $42,000 per year. However, there are no long term contracts or commitments, so you are free to leave at any time.

Contractual Information

Before beginning any business transactions, we would issue and sign a written contract clarifying all terms and conditions for both parties.

What Affiliates We’ve Worked Say

Opportunities does not come every day. As far as sales is concerned Tim makes sure you get what he said he would do. Its good opportunity working with Tim.

In the beginning I was skeptical about working with Tim and I thought he is a scam but he is not that way after working with Tim over a period of time.