Strategic Planning

Investment Opportunities

A risky game we know how to play

We are aim oriented. Just like any of our clients. When we assess your investment portfolio, we combine elaborate research, due diligence and portfolio projecting. All together, that results in a comprehensive strategy tailored for your needs and aims...

A personalized service

Every investment strategy begins with a detailed checklist. We ask you about your investment history and experience, your short and long-term goals. Also we will touch on how you see your retirement options, and the which risks you feel ok with taking. We do that to tailor your investment plan as closely to your needs as possible. Everything else is built up on these insights. It lets us develop a diversified portfolio that’s aligned with your financial objectives as closely as possible.

An integrated team

Our team consists of more than a dozen experts. It includes investment managers, private equity and fixed-income analysts, market strategists and research specialists. They browse and evaluate thousands of investing options. They're carefully assessing the associated expenses and tax efficiencies as well as projected ROI. All before laying any investment opportunity to your table.

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What People We’ve Helped Say

My and my friend's "garage investment fund" skyrocketed so quickly, that we urgently required a financial advisor not to plummet just as fast. Cretos' guys were just that. An experienced, seasoned team of pros who know what to do and what to skip. Thanks to their services in part we sustained our growth and accumulated more investors...

Steven Walace

When I and my husband felt that the company began to spiral out of our control and the sales plunged, we had to hire a financial advisor. It's their fiscal due diligence and reserved advice that kept us afloat. Even more than that, we strived and we heightened our market value this year!Thanks to their services in part we sustained our growth and accumulated more investors…

Theresa Hay

Our corporation is based across 20 countries and operates within 100 more. But when crisis hit us recently, we've had a lack of fresh ideas on how to manage it out. That's when this company's 2nd opinion helped us. Their fiscal and market experts bailed us out from that downfall, advice-wise. It's been 4 years after that, but still to this day we listen to their tips! Thanks to their services in part we sustained our growth.
Daren Johnson

Consider every single move you do with your or your company's money a well thought-through bet.

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